Not too keen on maintaining multiple websites at the moment. Will try to update more when time permits. These are my current interests.

ROMANTICIDE // Doujinshi Collection & Scans
Skyrend's doujinshi index. Features scans and info on over 1000 books from various series. Unlike most collectors that focus on BL or canon het, my tastes run a more obscure gamut. If you're interested in rare doujinshi and would like to learn more about them, perhaps this site will be of assistance. Some pairings are: Bleach (UlquiHime), Reborn! (1896, 6927), Yu Yu Hakusho (Hiei/Botan), Hakuouki (Kazama/Chizuru, Okita/Chizuru), etc. 90% complete.

ETERNITY // Kasumi (Dead or Alive)
Circa 1996, a demo version of Dead or Alive entered my life and the rest is history. Although she has lost the 'fierce avenging angel' image that initially drew me in, Kasumi continues to be my favourite video game heroine. While the shrine itself is slowly being rebuilt from the ground up, the fanlisting is complete so if you're a Kasumi fan, please come on down and show your love. ^-^ This is the site I will be focusing most of my efforts on once I have the spare time. 5% complete.

BUTTERFLY EFFECT // Okabe Rintarou & Makise Kurisu (Steins;Gate)
Fanlisting for the relationship between Okabe and Kurisu from Steins;Gate. A love that transcends worldlines and defies fate. Absolutely loved their chemistry and Okabe was a boss during episode 22. xD 5% complete.

Located at eCrater or LiveJournal. This site is an add-on to ROMANTICIDE, my doujinshi collection. Seeing as collecting is quite an expensive hobby, it is impossible to keep every single item bought over the years (my room also has limited space real estate). Currently 200+ for sale and accepting requests~

aweofshe @ livejournal // journal
Nothing too interesting...just my personal LiveJournal. Mainly use it for video game rambling, collection updates, and sales. >.>; //
Curent music.

LIMBO // Sensui/Itsuki (Yuu Yuu Hakusho)
Sensui/Itsuki fanlist and mini-shrine. No longer the 'official' TAFL listing but it has a nice amount of members so I won't close it down completely. Sensuki is my #1 yaoi/BL OTP (it's canon as well, how awesome is that?!), gotta give it some love. Hasn't been updated since 2007 so I'll try to revamp it in the future. 10% complete.

PROPRIETY // VosslerxAshe (Final Fantasy XII)
Captain of the guard and his princess. Fanlisting for one of my favourite FFXII pairings, Vossler and Ashe! Another vestige from 2007, revamp pending. 10% complete.


Upcoming projects or old sites that I'd like to revive in the future. Most of these probably won't see the light of day due to lack of time.

None...ain't no one got time for dat anymore.


Most of these were neglected due to lack of interest or computer crashes. Seeing as I lack the will, motivation, and time from my younger years, most will remain lost to the ether.

Friction // shrine // HieixBotan (Yuu Yuu Hakusho)
Old Yu YU Hakusho otp. Most of the files are still around, but the computer crash took all the new content. Been a few years and no longer have the free time to work on it. I'll probably scan doujinshi at some point. 20% complete. Offline construction. 80% of data lost due to computer failure.