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Hopefully this list will grow once the English dub is released. If you have a S;G related fansite please let me know. ^-^

Steins;Gate VN Translation Project - English translation project
Steins;Gate @ LiveJournal - the Steins;Gate LJ comm
Steins;Gate doujinshi sale - my doujinshi sales. sorry for the plug. >.>;


Okabe and Kurisu share a special chemistry that I enjoyed throughout the duration of the anime series. It was never the main focus and developed slowly through little moments in each episode. The tsundere trope is usually a turn-off for me but Kurisu has proven herself to be the most tolerable tsundere in anime and Okabe himself is simply badass. Episode 22 had to be one of the best love confessions ever; his confidence had me floored and pretty much carried the entire scene.

This little site is simply my way of expressing support for the series. :) STEINS;GATE has been one intense and rewarding roller-coaster ride, easily becoming my favorite show of 2011. Started off a bit slow and boring but picked up around episode 6. The camera pan and segue into the end theme when Akihabara was de-moe'd had my jaw on the floor.